Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Second Take on Some Easy Favor Boxes

I was making these fun little Island Oasis Favor Boxes (I had made them before, you can see on May 28th's post), and I realized that they could be closed a little differently on the top! When I made them before I closed the top flat and put the belly band around it. Then I added a flower/tag thingy.

So this time I realized that the opposite flaps that close the top could be switched. So instead of closing the top flat, I folded and popped up the pre-scored top. Then I just added a clip and tag. I slipped the belly band on for contrast before clipping the top though.

You can see the back side of it here just to see how easy the clip just slides over it. Pretty cool! Also, the inside has tootsie rolls with coordinating Island Oasis Designer Paper wrapped around them. - I Love how Stampin' Up! makes everything coordinating for us!!

By the way, these Island Oasis Papers and Favor Boxes are only available until the end of August!

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