Friday, August 20, 2010

The Next August Birthday - My Husband!

Here's the card I made my hubby for his birthday (tomorrow). We decided to give him his card and gifts tonight because we're probably going out of town tomorrow. So, since it was a quick card to make (yes, I should have had it made a while ago - but I didn't!), I decided to use what I had - with a little tweak!

So, from the same set, Studio Sketches, I used the wine stamp perfect for my wine-loving hubby! The rest was ready to go from what we just made in class last week.

And here was the original from class, which was a sort of CASE from a card from Convention. I added the pleated ribbon and the antique brad (love those!).

And, really I kinda like the class version, but the wine stamp was cool and more appropriate for my husband. I could have spent more time to convert the colors and stuff for the wine stamp version, but it's all OK!

Happy Friday,


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Elizabeth Price said...

I see he is getting ribbon too! Cool :0)