Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here I Am!

Sometimes you have to just wonder where the time goes!?! I've been getting things ready for this get together that my husband and I are putting together for some friends from his work. We're sort of hosting it at our house in Cambria. So I wanted to put together a gift basket for each couple. And, I know that the picture of stuff I have here is a sad attempt at much stamping!! I was trying to simplify the stamping, and just concentrate on what I'm putting in each basket. It's been an ever-changing array of things!! I hope to show you a picture of the final basket, but I can admit that this photo probably shows most of the "stamping" that has gone into it. I'm actually going to focus on some baked snack things. But I'm happy that Stampin Up! does have some nice packaging things - like our cellophane bags. They just look clean and crisp! And, our ribbons top things off nicely too!

As you can probably tell, I'm keeping to a Chocolate Chip theme. So I covered some chocolate bars, and tied Chocolate Satin ribbon on a cello of pistachios. And, I did even stamp the Top Note Gift Tag with the saying from Friends 24-7. I like the saying that brings business and friendship together - perfect for this occasion!

I'll be back to some real posts after the weekend. Tomorrow I'll be off to do some more getting ready stuff, and maybe I'll post the final basket results! But soon I'll be back soon with some cool stuff I have planned for next Friday's Technique Class.

Have a good one,


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