Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's the Thought that Counts!?

OK, so I was thinking I should do a little something nice for my son this morning. (Not like I'm not always doing something nice for him - chauffeur, personal chef (or take-out food picker-upper), room cleaner, laundry person... OK, you get it!) But I was thinking last night that he told me he got another 100% on a math quiz, and he's keeping all A's, with a 7am to 7pm school schedule (including football practice). So I thought it would be nice to leave him a little something on his dresser to tell him I'm proud of him.

This morning I saw another demonstrator made a pull-up treat and I thought that was a great idea for something quick. I love making them! And, maybe it's not the most fabulous of all my creations - but as I decided it was done, I remembered "it's the thought that counts!" - and that he'll probably love the candy bar, and toss the rest anyway!


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Unknown said...

Cute project! And I love the letterpress stuff, I just haven't gotten any of it yet. Following from SC.