Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Fresh Look to Halloween!

Today I decided to take out my Halloween stuff to decorate the house! I love taking it all out of the boxes and unwrapping all my favorite things. These are a few new things I've made though with this year's Decor Elements!

At Convention Brent Steele had made white pumpkins with the trick or treat words on them - and they were awesome. So I thought about copying the idea. But when I went to get the white pumpkins, they didn't have a big selection of sizes. And although they could have looked cool all in the same size, I really wanted to vary the sizes. So I thought about using terra cotta pots in various sizes. And I really like how they turned out. I just painted the pots in a cream color - which was super quick and the paint soaks right in and dries super fast!

I also added the black jewels (like Brent had on his pumpkins). By the way, my stampin buddy Liz, made the pumpkins like Brent did and hers came out really cute!

So when I got my terra cotta pots, I did pick up one of the white pumpkins cause I really like the trendy feel of the white color (and I figured it would go with my Decor Elements frame too!).

Using some more of the same pack of Decor Elements that I've been using, I made a quick "Decor pumpkin!" I kept with the same colors (it does have a bit of razzleberry taffeta on the top!) so it all coordinates with the pots and the frame I already made.

I like this fresh look to the Halloween decor!



Created by Kath said...

Very Nice!

Jessica said...

I think I will be giving the flower pots a try. Thanks for sharing them. I followed you from SC and hope you'll follow me too @