Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Happy Thoughts!

If you've been stamping and papercrafting for a while, you'll remember this easy little treat container! It's been called the Sour Cream Container, although I've never had sour cream out of this kind of container (I have had the Minute Maid frozen juice in one!). I think Wendy's uses this for their baked potatoes and sour cream. Anyways, this sour cream container has a special surprise in it for the hostess of a workshop I'm doing tonight - and, no, it's not sour cream!! But, I can't tell what it is, or it won't be a surprise!

I'm looking forward to going and doing a workshop; it's always fun to meet new people and see their reaction to the projects. I hope they will like them!

Have a good one,



Amanda Corbet said...

Very cute! What a great way to do a "book to look" package.

Mandy Schneider 97 said...

I love making these containers..very cute and very fun to open...I love the colors you used for yours..have a great day Julie...

Crystal said...

You've inspired me to make one! Love the pretty spring colors on this DSP! :)