Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project Favorites!

So here are a couple of what I could figure were the favorites of the class I did this past week. Of course, they liked the gum slider (the one to the right), and they seemed to like the chocolate treat holder (the one to the left - an adaptation of the gum holder we've done, but a long time ago!) We did both of these on the same day that we did 4 cards and a few templates for envelope ideas and 6 x 6 page ideas. I'm telling you I bombarded them with things it has taken me a year or more to introduce to my classes (but, who knows how much they've retained??!!).

So here they are they are opened - which was the part they liked best! - The candy inside! We've made these ideas before as a gum holder (the one to the left, just adapted slightly) and the treat holder slider (the one to the right).

Hope you will be inspired to make some St Patrick's Day treats or Easter treats from these. Easy, just work out the measurements according to what goes inside! St Patrick's Day is this coming Wednesday!

Email me if you need more details!

Hope you're having a good weekend,


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Mandy Schneider 97 said...

How fun Julie!!!! I love these..I haven't tried these yet but now I'm inspired to try it...awesome and I bet they had fun..