Friday, March 12, 2010

Another little St. Pat's Quick Gift!

I made a bunch of these little pouches for some quick gifts. It is just the Card Petal die folded on only three sides. I tied white taffeta around it and wide oval punched the Go Green single stamp - Wah Lah! And of course, the important part, the Peppermint Patty. Gotta love how the Big Shot makes my life easy!! I did try to add a layer under the wide oval punch; that's the one on the right. I got the oval from the Big Shot Oval die - it's the smallest of three ovals on the die. I like it; it's a real slim edge around the wide oval punch. But it wasn't noticeable enough for me to punch a whole stack of 'em!

Well, if you can believe this, I'm on stamp overload! It wasn't the three hours each day with the awesome high schoolers I had this week, but the many hours of prepping stuff - and my indecision with ideas! I stayed up late (or early , since it was the a.m.!) every night putting away one day's stuff, and putting together the next day's stuff. I'll post some of the stuff we did soon!

I'm off to catch up some stamping blog surfing - gotta see what everyone else has been doing this week - and then early to bed!

Have a good weekend,


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Agustina said...

I love this pouches!!! And the peppermint patty was the icing on the cake mmmm mmmm good!