Friday, September 28, 2012

"Ghoul Friend" Hand Sanitizer Tutorial

Here's the cool hand sanitizer treat I made yesterday.  And here's the tutorial on how to make it!

You start with a 2-1/2" x 8-1/2" piece of card stock folded in half.  Lay it on the Two Tags die, with the folded edge just before the bottom edge.

Here's a closer look of where the fold line should be.

After it's die cut, score a line across the bottom edge at 1/2".

Then, lining the score line up with the edge of your large scallop punch, punch out an oval.  Try to keep the punch centered! 

On the inside back part punch two 1/8" holes in the center, about where the scallops start. (This will hold the 'neck' of your hand sanitizer bottle)

Feed a 9" piece of ribbon through the holes you just made.

Use one Dimensional to hold the bottle to the back of the card stock piece.

Create your scallop layers and glue/dimensional them together.

Glue the scallop layers to the front.  Then use your Crop-A-Dile (I know it's retired now, but it still works the best to punch through all those layers!) and punch the larger size (I think 3/16") hole in the bottom edge.

Feed through the ribbon ends, around the bottle and into the front hole you just made.  My hint for tying: make a knot, with the tails going top and bottom, and turn the pattern so it's facing down.

Then when you fold over, pull through the ribbon bringing the pattern side back to the front.  Other part of the hint: Hold one end of the ribbon, and pull the other - it helps make the knot a little neater in the middle.

Fold the ribbon in half and cut to create the 'fishtail' ends.

And - Tah Dah!!  Pretty easy!!  I especially like that the base of it isn't a lot of work, and really takes hardly any card stock.  The rest is scrap sized pieces too!  It's only when you decided to make a boatload of them that it takes a lot of card stock :)

Hope you have fun making some!  

Thanks for stopping by, 

Julie B


Jill said...

What a fun blog! I enjoyed looking at your creative projects!!! You are very talented. I hope you have a great day.

Judi R said...

Hi Julie,
Caught this on Pinterest. Love the idea TFS....Gonna case it and share
at my next workshop! jbeak-demo