Monday, September 3, 2012

A Perfect Football and a Quick Tutorial!

I made this football card for my favorite football player (you'll 'SEE' who if you read on...).  This will be my son's last year of high school football, so I made it for him just for fun!

Here's a little closer look at the football - and I was pretty excited that all on my own I figured out how to make the PERFECT shaped football!!  :)

So I decided to share a quick tutorial in case you want to make one too!

I started with Soft Suede Card Stock and die cut a 3" circle.  Then I laid that 3" circle back onto the die so the edge of the circle lined up with the edge of the die.  See above, and notice it's lined up with the edge that has the label on it.

After you run that through the Big Shot - you get the PERFECT football shape!  Yep, I was excited to figure this out!! ;)  (And I even thought, if you want different sizes, you can do it with punches too - just have to line them up and re-punch...)

Then I cut a long strip of 1/8" Whisper White Card Stock, and trimmed for the pieces I needed to finish it.  The end pieces were just whatever random size (for now).  The middle long piece was 1-1/4" and each cross piece was 1/2".  I glued them on, with a careful light-touch!, with Multipurpose Glue.


Then I turned the football over to trim the side edges off, keeping with the shape of the football.


And, Tah-Dah!  There's your perfect football - just make a card to put it on!!


And here he is - my favorite football player!  I finally remember his positions this year - Offensive Line and Defensive Line.  He's my 'baby' child, but 6'3" and 250 pounds!  So proud of him!  And excited for his season this year, a little bittersweet - his senior year!

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Julie B

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Judy said...

I can't believe he and Haydn are graduating this year. Time flies by. Great card!!!