Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pull-Out Pocket Valentine!

I made this card for my Technique Class last month. I was inspired by a card made by Becky Roberts - so I created my own version. And then the colors and the accents on it got to be a bit much, so I found a simple, but cute card made by Angie Juda that helped me simplify everything to a monochromatic scheme. So that's a lot of how I come up with fun cards and projects for my classes! I find cool stuff made by other people - change it up, rearrange it, and a little bit of 'make it my own' and it's a new project for class! (And there is that once in a blue moon when I actually create something on my own too!)

So here's the pull-out part. And how cool would it be to attach a gift card to it, or you could just write a special note!

Wouldn't it make a cute Valentine for that someone special?!

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