Friday, February 10, 2012

Stand-Up Lollipop Treat - and tutorial!

I saw this adorable lollipop idea somewhere last week, and I've been searching again and again to see where I originally saw it! Not sure if it was Pinterest or Stampin' Connection? (If you've seen it and know who inspired me, please let me know!)

Anyway, I'm always excited to use my Big Shot Dies to make fun little treats. So when I saw the original, I knew I wanted to make my own, with a Valentine twist!

Here's the side view of it, so you can see how perfect the Tootsie Pop fits in there! I used a Mini Glue Dot to hold the top of it in place. And I love how you can make a perfect little stand-up treat with a Tootsie Pop!

You start with a piece of 2 1/4" x 8 1/2" of Poppy Parade, folded in half. You lay the folded edge about 1/4" down from the straight edge of the scalloped tag (on the Two Tags Big Shot Die).

After opening up the tag piece flat, lay the center scored line on 1 3/4" and score it.

Then turn the piece around and lay the center score line at 2 1/4" and score again.

Then punch a 1/8" circle on the center of the score line you just made.

Lastly, fold up the sections, with the hole at the top for the lollipop stick to fit through. Once you put the lollipop through, you'll 'Dimensional' the front scallops together. Then add your scallop circle with all the circle punched layers. Mine were done with the PS I Love You set!

Hope you have all your Valentine treats ready! If not, you have this last weekend to finish them up - and this is a super quick and easy one!

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Jazzi Ka said...

I love it, thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

I think maybe you saw it on Angie kennedy Judas blog Chicnscratch.

Julie B said...

I saw the one on Angie Judas, but she didn't use the Two Tags die. It was someone that had a fairly new blog, not very many posts on it??