Monday, June 7, 2010

This Friday's Upcoming Technique Class!

Here are the three cards, and "small project" that we'll be making at this Friday's Technique Class! I'll show you how to make your own Texturz Plate (for the Big Shot) - the star card. Then you'll do some simple watercoloring (with markers) - and you'll see a trick to keeping watercoloring supplies to a minimum. And, you'll have the option to making your bicycle nice and shiny with Crystal Effects. Also, you'll make a Paper Frame to show off the Tropical Party coconut! Notice the "Partial Impression" at the bottom of the coconut card? We learned that at the last Big Shot Class!

The "small project" turned into two, then three small projects! But, honestly, they each take about 5 minutes to make! Of course, all the pieces are already cut for you. Just run a piece through the Big Shot - and the rest is quick stamping, punching and sticking together! I couldn't resist though - because this is one of my favorite quick, go-to dies for the Big Shot, and I'm gonna miss it when the new catalog comes out in July!! The PETAL CARD die!! (The only good thing is that I know when Stampin' Up! retires one of my favorite things - I can always look forward to something really cool taking its' place!)

I hope you'll be joining the group on Friday morning or evening for these Summer Fun Ideas! Please let me know by Wednesday so I'll have a packet all ready to go for you.

See you then,


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Crystal said...

Wow. I don't know why anyone WOULDN'T want to take this class - bravo, Julie! :) tfs