Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Busy-ness and a Double Post!

Every year I think I do this procrastination thing with Christmas - I guess it's just the way it works for me! So, as I'm still workin' away on finishing my Christmas cards that need to be mailed out, I keep re-prioritizing my to-do list for all the other things that need to be done before Christmas too!

So I put together this card this morning. It's going out across the country to my nephew - so I figured I better get it out today. I had a different plan for what it was going to be, but then I found a left-over piece from a project I made last week. So I decided to use it!

He was all stamped, colored, punched and layered - so he got to be part of the card! Then I just added the base of the card - Done and ready to go!!

And here's another project that has been posted today on Craft Project Central! It was made by Glenda Calkins. And if you go to her website you can see what she made to go inside it - a cute and practical gift idea! If you want the directions, you can subscribe to December over at Craft Project Central.

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