Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Pressed and Crispy!

This was my first attempt at a batch of cookies with the Sweet Pressed Cookie stamps the other night. I didn't use the recipe for Sugar Cookies that comes with the stamp set. Instead, I used a Pumpkin Bread Mix and added an egg and a stick of butter to make the cookies. I love anything pumpkin flavor - such a yummy Fall flavor! And I couldn't resist a pumpkin flavored cookie in the shape of a jack-o-lantern!

They were looking so good when they were stamped and ready for baking...

But they sort of 'grew' together! I think I put them a little close together on the cookie sheet. But I also made them a little bit thick - maybe that's why I only got nine from the batch when it said it made 24!!

And here they are still smiling when they were all done - and a little too tan! The impression still came out well - I just let them cook a little too long! I like a softer, chewy cookie, not the crispy kind. They always taste good when they first come out - all warm and yummy... and then they cool off - and they're crispy :(

So I made a second batch for my stampin' class buddies (last night) - a softer chewier batch. But the stamping on cookies was so cool and easy with our new 'baking' stamps - Lovin' this new avenue of stamping!! Oh and the second batch I think I got 18 cookies from the same sized batch :) - better!

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Agustina said...

They look so cool! To bad I'm not a baker ;)lol!! They look yummy too!!