Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Haven't Lived Until...'ve had one of these Hershey's kisses! No, I REALLY mean this! I do admit that I have real sweet tooth, but man these little gems are THE BEST that Hershey's has done! - OK, so I did make a project to 'house' these, which I want to tell you about, but just a little more about the Hershey's Kisses! -

I guess they're just out for the season, and they're Pumpkin Spice flavored. I can't even show you the package because I'm afraid they're going to be sold out when I go back for more!! But they have the most amazing Pumpkin Pie flavor and creamy, yummy texture! My mom actually told me that she got them last year (but did she ever give me any? - No!), and I never found them anywhere last year. But while wandering in the Holiday section in Target, I spotted them yesterday. I even waited until I got home to open the package and try them - and now I'm obsessed! Can you tell?!

I decided that I will probably share a few, and so I mad this cute little box to hold a stash of them! The project is a copycat from my September class, and an idea from Shalae (Shelli's daughter) at Convention. I've just changed up the colors each time I've re-made it.

So this time I used the Spice Cake papers, and made a Box #2 (with no lid) for the inside. The Spice Cake paper is 3" x 12", wrapped around with the ends Scallop punched. Then a I used the Wide Oval punch to make a 'handle.' I gave it a little Pool Party Ruffled Ribbon and a square punch tag - all wrapped and ready to go!

Speaking of go, I better go and get some more of these kisses!!

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Elizabeth Price said...

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You must sing the following line:
I want candy!

Agustina said...

LOL, Julie I'm really not a chocolate kinda girl (I'll admit I use to be, but when I was young I ate a huuuge amount at once and I got sick of it) I can only have it once a month ;) and some salty snack after that LOL. However, I love pumpkin spice flavor, I might just go get some to try them out!

Nancy Ferb said...

Sweet little container! And now I'm hungry!