Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Couple Quick Valentines!

Even though I always feel like I have all these great ideas swirling around in my head, I never actually get them out into a real "hand-held" card. They often times stay right there in my mind and never become real!
Kinda sad - but last night I just sat down and wanted to create a couple of quick Valentines. I realized that Jessie would be home only for the afternoon today, and I wouldn't probably see her again until after Valentine's Day. So I thought, "that super-dooper, creative card" might not quite make it into reality in the short time I had last night to create, So it better be quick! Anyway, I made these two cards. They probably took almost as much time as I would have taken to just bust out the creative one I had in mind. But I fiddled with "simplicity" for while, and got here:

And... I decided on giving her the second one - I thought it looked like a little "more" than the first one. Anyway, by the time I finished I was too tired to write the inside. So, I put it in my school bag and figured I would get a few minutes at school to write out something super special to her! Sure... I only work a half day ..... it didn't happen!! So when I got home she was already here, but I thought I'll sneak it into the house and write it secretly, then sneak it in the gift bag. Well, when I took it out of my school bag - It was SQUISHED! I was so bummed! I gave her the gift, and then tonight (after she left) I "repaired" - or almost re-created it!! So, at least it was here to take a quick picture of it. But now I'm mailing it off tomorrow. Hopefully she'll get it on Valentine's Day!

Anyway, maybe it was meant to go in the mail, right! It is always so nice to get a card - and especially a hand-stamped card in the mail!
Hope you have time to make some Valentines - even if it's a "quick one!" - for someone special!!


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