Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Versatile Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags!

These little Snow Festival Designer Printed Tags are so cool - and versatile! I'm planning on using some for gifts (I guess their original purpose!). But I saw the idea of wrapping one around a Petite Pocket in last month's Stampin' Success Magazine.  So I decided to make one too!

Mine's a little different - cuz I made mine a 'thank you' pocket! I like the design on that tag because you can use it for any occasion.  Probably I'll save these ones out of my stacks because they are easiest to use later (Maybe even a good Valentine tag!).

Even the back looks pretty neat and tidy - how it wraps around so cleanly!

And here's another use for the tags - this one makes a quick a cute card front! We made this card at my stamp class last week. Boy were they fast to make - you could make a bunch for some quick last minute cards.

Do you have any of these tags yet? They're only $3.95 for a stack of 25 - what a bargain!

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