Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do You Plan for Meals?

Wow, this is one project I NEED to make!! I could save so much time if I knew what I was making for dinner each night.

This Menu Planner, Shopping List, and Notes set is designed to keep you organized when planning meals for your family! And shouldn’t something that is set out in your living space (hung with magnets on your refrigerator) be cute too? This set is so cute and functional you will have no problem planning meals for a week. You’ll have space to make quick notes on what you need to grab the next time you go to the store, as well as a categorized shopping list! Make several sets and give them away as gifts!

If you want to make this too, you can check out the details for the tutorial over at Craft Project Central. It was made by Carrie Rhoades.

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