Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Did It - A Scrapbook Folio!

This is the project we made in stamp class a couple weeks ago. I was super excited to find a Scrapbook project that I felt totally at ease doing for a class (I know those of you who were at the morning class will remind me that I misread my measurements on the technique card!! But I did write the directions - Really!).

Anyway, I was inspired by the project made by Kim Assaly - she made it so easy to follow! So I did put my own design on the colors and papers we used though. I decided to make it masculine, a nice Father's Day gift!

And here it is open (it even has the pictures I put in it!). I'm kind of pretty proud of myself for actually completing a Scrapbook! OK, I know it's only 5 pictures, but I did it!! So this will be a small gift for my hubby for Father's Day this weekend. What else do you get men who buy everything they want or need for themselves!?!

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Nancy Ferb said...

How nice - love it! Not sooo complicated. I'm not a huge scrapper either.

Allison said...

So cute! Love it!