Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Note Flap Gone Wild!

So, I was working on a little treat cover today, and realized I was having one of those... Oh, but-this-would-look-cool, I-better-add-one-more-thing kind of stamping days!! You know you really should just stop, and call it done, but that one other thing "might" make it look better?! Anyway, I was having one of those days when I made this little treat cover. I like the idea of it, and I like all of the things on it, I just think I could have maybe rearranged or left some off! But I really do like these Hawaii Papaya Designer Series Papers! I didn't think they were my kind of colors, but they really have grown on me!
Anyway, have a great week - I hope share some more Top Note ideas with you this week!


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