Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Simple, Sweet and Sent!!

Today I made a little stack of Easter cards - and I EVEN mailed them out! I'm so bad... I make so many cards for class, swaps, and just to try out a new set - but sheesh, I hardly ever get them in the mail! One legitimate excuse though - I usually make cards with lots of layers and embellishments, which makes those ones hard to just drop in the mail with a single stamp on them.

So today's cards are a "one-postage-stamp" card! Hey, maybe I just coined a new trendy term! :)   

Mostly the cards I made were for my nephews, and a few family members. But I really am kind of proud of myself ;) I really need to get motivated earlier - and send more cards out! It felt good to know that they will probably all get them on or before Easter... And, I am finally coming to grips with not every card sent out has to be an original or a masterpiece!

Thanks for stopping by,

Julie B

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Amanda Corbet said...

These are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!