Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scallop Square Pocket Treat Tutorial!

So here's how to make the little pocket treat, or Scallop Square box that I showed you yesterday.

Start with a Scallop Square die cut. Then score lines between the 3rd and 4th scallops on one side. Turn and score between the 2nd and 3rd on each end of that side (looking at the picture makes more sense on this!). These aren't really measured, you just use the scallops for the guide. 

Then cut off the end sections on the '2 scallop end sections.'

Then cut in on the middle sections to make flaps that will fold in. And put Sticky Strip on the smaller side sections created.

Fold in the little flaps, and adhere the Sticky strip section to the outside edge. The bottom being flat makes this come together pretty neatly! And, yes, that makes it able to stand up like a little box.

 Now your little box is ready to decorate and fill!  In my final picture, you don't see the cute scallops on the edges, but you could put something smaller on it to show off how cute that looks!

I added the scallop circle and tag (made from the Modern Label Punch). You can see more details on that in yesterday's post.

Then when I added the Andes mints inside I did add a Stampin' Dimensional on the back of each to keep them from falling out of the treat pocket!

How cute would it be to change these up for any holiday or event? And since they stand up, they would be a cute little place setting favor too!
Thanks for stopping by,

Julie B 


Stampin' VMG206 said...

Super cute, Julie!
Yum ~
~ Megin of VMG206

Annette J. said...

Love it, what a cute treat holder, and so easy to make, just count scallops!