Saturday, March 26, 2011

Showers of Flowers!

The last couple of days my daughter and I have been working on centerpieces for the shower she's hosting. Honestly, I like doing the little stuff, like the favors. But when it comes to the big stuff, I usually put it off till last. I guess I work better under pressure?! - So since this is the last weekend before her big event, here we are making the big part - the centerpieces!

Even though it's the big part, it is just lots of little things - so that's kind of how we approached it. I started with the colors of cardstock and a few designer papers that went with the theme (and the buckets and pinwheel we got). Then we just punched out a bunch of flowers and started layering. Really, since it was Jessie's project, I did lots of punching out, and she did lots of layering!

I like how the flowers were coming out, and the sizes were fitting good (the buckets were from the Target dollar spot - but they are the $2.50 size, a better larger size for what she needed. But what's with Target, slipping in $2.50 items in the $1 spot these days?! Ha ha!). Anyway, it seemed like lots of flat, and one-sided kind of things for a round-table centerpiece. So, at maybe midnight last night, my creation was to use the clear ornaments and put crinkly paper in them.

Here's a closer up of the crinkly paper ornament balls. I kinda like how they fill the space, with a 3-D effect!

This picture shows another side of some of the other flowers. All together, each bucket has 5 large flowers, 4 littler flowers and 3 ornaments.

And one of the final "filler ideas" for some of the in-between spaces was (my mom's idea) to put some tulle ribbon. I like how it lightly fills in the space and is easy to just smoosh it in where you want it!

Well, off to finish putting them all together!

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Judy said...

Julie & Jessie, Those look really cute!!! The shower should be a huge success. Judy

Unknown said...

These are wonderful! TFS!