Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to School Time??

I know it seems crazy, but it's back-to-school for me this week! And it's only for a week... and it's stamping with high schoolers! Awesome, huh?! So I've been planning lots of cards, and especially lots of little projects.

This little box is going to be one of the projects we'll be making tomorrow.

And here's a closer look! I'm trying to plan things that they can easily make to give as little gifts. We'll also be making a few cards that can coordinate with the projects too. I hope that they like it, but also that they really use them as gifts!

And here's what's inside - stamped tealights! Pretty easy to do - and hopefully for the first day I kept it all pretty beginner level!? They will have to do some scoring on the Fiskars, and some cutting - if that goes well, I think we'll be in good shape! And we'll see for the cards I have planned!?

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Jennifer said...

Cute! I am #372 on SC

Agustina said...

Cute!!! I love the stamped tea lights!