Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor Parade!

Here are a few of the projects we made this week with the Ice Cream Parlor Papers! It took me a bit to warm up to the color scheme of the papers, but now I'm kind of liking them!

On Wednesday, we made the mailbox. All I showed was how to use a 4" x 12" piece of Designer Paper to cover it (and a little hole punch trick to cover the flag hinge - Just wrap the paper around the mail box with the flag folded down. Press down on the round screw hinge part. Then remove the paper and punch a 3/4" hole where the hinge impression is on the paper. Then cut from the edge of the paper to the hole. Slide the hole part over the flag hinge, and place the paper around the mailbox. Then stick the paper ends down at the bottom of the mailbox.) And from there, they used their own papers to choose how theirs would look! It was neat to see how they all turned out so different, all with just one pack of paper and accents.

And, on the inside they each got six notecards and envelopes. Then they got to use some of their own papers to decorate those too!

Also, on Wednesday we made the good ol' Nugget Tin! (Click Here to see where I got them) I love these! I had some leftover Melon Mambo ribbon from last year - and it went great with the papers. And for the "For You" flower tag, we used Melon Mambo, and then I chose Peach Parfait and Pear Pizzazz, instead of Pumpkin Pie and Old Olive (I just liked the lighter tones with the boldness of the colors in the papers).

On Thursday, we made a few things. But while the kids were working, I thought they were going to finish early. So I started putting together some of the things I had with the Ice Cream Paper pack. I had enough cardstock with me so that everyone would be able to make a second "For You" flower. And I had the ribbons that coordinated. So, I made a quick "cone" with a 6" x 6" piece of the papers. And, since everyone had a pack of the papers, I figured this would be a good "time filler" project to end the day. But we ended up not doing it that day, they took longer on the other projects than I thought. (I was glad to have the cone already planned for another day though!)

So we ended up making the cone today - and everyone got a bag of caramel corn to put in it too! After a few days of using these papers, I ended up really liking them!

Well, off to put away all my stuff! I'm looking forward to the weekend - It was a super fun week back at school, but it made me remember how I used to really look forward to the weekend - especially the sleeping in on Saturday part! :)



yazojeda said...

where did you buy the Nuggets Tin??? I love all your proyects!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the trick to covering the mailbox. Cute projects. Vickie

Amy West said...

Beautiful collection!

Lesley said...

What a fabulous gift set Julie! I love how you used the DSP!