Saturday, January 22, 2011

InSync at Leadership!

OK, so we didn't really see In Sync at Leadership (I know dating myself! And, they aren't a group anymore, are they?) - and, yes, we were in Nashville!! But - after we all got up and got ready on the first day, Dena, Liz and I realized we were all dressed to coordinate! Browns and pinkie-peach, or, yes, Chocolate Chip and Blushing Bride!

And, wonder how we got a picture of the three of us? We ran into a familiar Stampin' Up! face (who Dena stopped to chat with, and introduce us to!), Pam Morgan!! She took our picture - Love how Leadership is small, and more personal like that!

So, yes, then we had a stranger take a picture of the four of us! Gotta have proof of those "Celebrity Moments!" Just a bummer that Pam didn't have the psychic abilities for the color matching of our outfits that day!

So, then Day 2 (that was really the first day of Leadership classes), we met up for lunch - and lo and behold, it was Basic Gray Day! We weren't even staying together to plan all this color-coordination!

Just somehow - InSync!


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Agustina said...

Thanks for the pics and your "InSync" story. I think it's awesome you are sharing with us!!! Thanks!