Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some more Quick Last Minute Easter Cards

I'm always making my kids cards last, but not least, when it comes to the holidays! So, I used some kinda "what I had" pieces from other cards I had recently made that were sitting around on my stamping table. I added the little bunnies from the Eggcoutrements set - perfect and quick with coordinating circle punches!

So, of course, the top version was for my daughter - with the pink. And then I made the blue version for my son. But, I'm sure the most important part will be how much $$$ will be inside! Ah, the differences as they get older!

Kinda sad how the kids have gotten older, and no more Easter Egg hunt and all the fun that went along with that - dying the eggs and everything. But I won't feel sad to not have to be up late cleaning up the egg dying kits and up early to hide the eggs and all that. I am looking forward to a nice sleeping in morning, and relaxing family get together tomorrow afternoon!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!


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