Tuesday, October 12, 2010

19 stamps for $8.50!?!

Today I destroyed my Jolly Jingles Wheel! But, now I have 19 new single stamps!! How cool is that??

So I made this (kinda) quick video to show how to do it.

The only other hint I would add to the video is that you really need to use your hobby knife to get in between those close words/images!

And, I'm not usually into destroying things (I couldn't even write in a book for a very long time!), but I'm glad I did it! I'm excited to create some cool things with all my "new" stamps!! And all 19 were only $8.50! What else can I destroy :) ?



Agustina said...

OH NO JULIE!!!!! What are you trying to do???!!! If you know me , you know I'm going to do that!!!!! Thanks for the tip, I never thought of that because I LOVE my wheels!!! Maybe i'll get an extra one to distroy (UGGG!) I can't really even type distroy the wheel!!! See you Fri!

Created by Kath said...

I did this with the Baby Tee wheel, I used tombo on the back instead of sticky strip, I found I got a better image if I layed my paper on an old mouse pad and then stamped. I think I will order that wheel now TFS

Patti said...

Great idea. I no longer have any wheels because I unmounted them a long time ago and use them as "flat" stamps. But I like the idea of cutting them into smaller stamps. Thanks for sharing.

craftysahmiam said...

I'm not brave enough to attempt such surgery on a wheel stamp! New follower from Stampin' Connection, craftysahmiam.blogspot.com