Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special Guest Stamper!!

So, back when I was getting ready for the Scrapbook Expo displays, my daughter came over to "hang out" for a couple of days - (Translation - "maybe Mom will take me shopping!). Except that when she got here, I was panicking with one night left and ten more cards to make. So she decided to help! First she made a checklist of the items I had to make and then what colors they had to be (yes, she's an organizer!). Then she started going through card samples I had from Convention Swaps (with the idea that I could "copy" card ideas, but in the color scheme I needed - kind of what I do in panic mode too!).

Then, once she was done choosing some good samples - I sprung it on her!! "Well, may be you could make one!"

And, so she did!! She actually made these two - and nice I must say! She is obviously very capable, but just hasn't really been that interested in card making. I think she did a great job! And, she actually was changing up the cards from their originals. She had to change out the color schemes to coordinate with our layout for the Expo, but she also added some personal touches with the Antique Brads and paper choices.

The best part of her making the cards (besides helping me get it done when I was on overload!!), was that it was fun doing it together!!


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