Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pumpkin Elements of Style!

With about a million things on my to-do list today, all I can think about is wanting my new stamp stuff!! I have an order from the new catalog that is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, and I can hardly wait!! Actually a bunch of what I'm getting is for projects that I have planned for this Friday's class so I'm anxious to get it and put it all together. But also, I just can't wait to see, and touch NEW stuff!!!

So, while trying to prioritize other things, I decided to CASE a quick card for my Scrapbook Expo display stuff. I saw this card on Brenda Keenan's blog, and I loved it in blue. Actually, it was very similar to a card we made in class not long ago. But, trying to stick to my assigned colors, I thought I'd try it in Pumpkin Pie. Not sure it's my favorite in Pumpkin, but I do like the card design and layout. And, I'm beginning to think, and see, that all these cards in "not my favorite colors" are actually going to come together when they're all on display together. We'll see?!?

I hope to be back tomorrow and post something NEW!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE! the orange! Gorgeous! Love your blog too! http://www.thiscraftymommy.com/search/label/KIDS

Mandy Schneider 97 said...

Awesome job Julie!!!! I love it..