Friday, February 12, 2010

Even More Birthday Box Cards!

So here are the final three cards for the Birthday Card Box Class! They are still somewhat simple layers, but I just can't bear to go to no-layer cards. So the layers are just smaller sized. I tried to go super-simple, but sometimes it's hard to break out of your style. So, maybe that will be a goal of mine - to go simple, or maybe at least once in a while?!

But, no worries for those of you coming - all the layers will be cut and ready to go for you! So, I at least hope to keep the card-making time to a minimum!

I have a couple spots left for Friday morning. If you're interested in coming drop me an email.

Have a great weekend!


PS. Notice the middle card is very different colors than most of the cards in the kit?! I was getting a little pressed for new ideas for more combinations with the Thoroughly Modern Designer Papers (love them, but just been looking at them a LOT lately!). Anyway, so I had to break out of the mold!! And, maybe the colors are showing that I'm ready for Spring!

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