Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas is Coming!!

Next Friday, November 20th at either 10am or 6pm, I'm having a Christmas Card-Making class. We'll be making cards in sets of 4's, and the minimum number of cards to make is 20! So we'll be making a stack!! But I'm trying it this way this year to offer a little more choice - so, if you want to make 20 of all one style you can, or you can make any groupings of 4's of whichever ones you want - 8 of one, 12 of another, or whatever... So, for 20 cards it is the Holiday Gift price of $25!! And, if you'd like to make more than that, it is $5 for each additional group of 4. The price also includes envelopes - You just need to show up, and I'll have everything cut and ready to go for you!

So, here are the card choices I'm offering:

If you're interested in coming over and stamping Christmas cards, drop me an email and let me know your choices. I'm asking for RSVP's by tomorrow, Friday the 13th, so that I will have enough time to order and prep everything.

If you're interested in making cards, but can't make the date, I can make your kit a "Take Home Kit," and you can make the cards whenever you have time! Just drop me an email and we can figure out the specifics.

Thanks for dropping by,

And Happy Stamping!


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