Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Digital Studio - Lookie What I Did!

Today I decided to try out the New My Digital Studio software. Wow!! I thought stamping was addicting, but I think this may be a whole other addiction! I downloaded the discs, and I actually made a couple simple pages, but this one is a "custom" designed page - I would have never thought I could "custom" design a page right out of the shoot!

Once the software is downloaded, you pretty much just click on things and drag them where you want them. The pre-designed pages are SO super easy! You pick a layout design, click on a picture (which some sort of magic thing in the program finds all the folders and pictures that are on your computer - even ones I didn't know were there - my crazy kids!), and the program actually sizes the picture to fit into the layout (this is amazing to me!). I know that was a long sentence, but the point was that this program made the set up so easy that I actually decided to make a custom page to start!

Anyway, this is a little preview. But I know I'll show you more stuff soon. And, the scoop on all this is that it will be available for purchase on October 1st! So far, I have played a little, saved and emailed some of the creations, but we will have professional print services available when you are able to order the software. So, printing will be all ready to go for your projects when you order in October - even Christmas gifts (or cards, or calendars... there will be so many possibilities!).

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