Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Fun for Friday's Class!

Here's a fun little Santa Treat Box/Ornament that we'll be making at this Friday's stamp class! I've seen lots of different versions of the Santa face - and I kind of combined the parts of the ones I liked into this little guy!

And one thing I LOVE about him is that he can be stuffed full of treats :) But when the treats are all gone, he can hang from your Christmas tree as a cute little ornament. You can see from the bottom view that he's made from the Petal Cone die. Cool, huh? The Petal Cone Box is the base for his his head and body all-in-one, and you just add the face!

And my favorite part, his Silver Glimmer hat topper and belt buckle. - Love that sparkle for the holidays!!

I hope you'll be at class this Friday - and you'll have all the details for making this cute little guy for a quick and cute little gift-giving!

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Sheila said...

wow! what an eyecatcher. These santa's are so cute. can't wait to have a go. Thanks for sharing.