Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"No Tails" Bow Tutorial

On the card I made yesterday, I made one of these what I call "No Tails" Bow. I've made them for forever I think. But I thought I'd post a picture tutorial to show you how to do it too! So this top picture is what it looks like when you're done!

Step 1 - Punch two holes next to each other. Keep in mind that the space you leave between the holes creates the center of your bow.

Step 2 - Take a piece of ribbon about 12" long (length will vary on different sizes of cards), Feed ribbon through each hole so that both tails are hanging out the back.

Step 3a - Cross the ribbon and with one tail, fold up a bow and push that back through the opposite hole.

Step 3b - This is what the bow should look like once it's pushed through to the front. The tail should still be hanging out the back. And you can pull the tail to adjust the bow size.

Step 4a - Now do the same thing to make the other half of the bow through the other hole.

Step 4b - You should have a bow on the front!

Step 4c - You should also still see the tails hanging out the back. And it's a good time to adjust the bow size if you need to (just pull the tails!).

Step 5a - Now with the tails in back cross them over one last time (and hopefully without too many lumps), and feed the tails back through the opposite holes to the front.

Step 5b - Here's what the front will look like - you kind of need to squish all the bow toward the center to make room on the edge of the hole to feed the tail back through.

Step 6 - Once the tails are pushed through to the front, you'll get some lumps in the back (when you've done a few, they'll get better, and flatter!).

Step 7 - Now that the tails are out in front again, you can just stick them around onto the back...

... so there are No Tails!!

Hope this helps! Have fun making bows with no tails,



Anonymous said...

Love this - thank you for the teaching !!! Trish N

Judy said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I love it. It was so easy to make and a perfect bow! I'm going to put a link on my blog for this page. Thanks again.

linda74 said...

Thanks for the insight on how you pull that little "trick" off - - it's so much easier than I thought and it makes for a nice clean looking bow.

Unknown said...

I love this tutorial! It's such a great idea and the pictures / instructions are very clear & concise.

~Shawnie B.