Thursday, May 27, 2010

Should We Stay or Should We Go?!

Since we couldn't get in a "real" anniversary trip (yet), we decided to at least get away to our second place for a couple nights. And, I did sneak in a few "limited supplies" in my bag just in case I could squeeze in some stamping time.

So, this morning I made these couple of cards. I used the Elegant Trio Stencil Set - LOVE that flower! - and sponged it onto the card front that had an En Francais background and an Elements of Style swirly stamp. (It was a copycat from a sample I saw on Stampin' Connection, but mine has even less detail than the original!)

The two cards are a little different from each other - can't decide which I like better - but I left both open for a saying for when I'm ready to use them.

So, here's the dilemma! I guess it's cloudy and a little sprinkly rain at home "home." And now that we're all ready to leave - check out the view we have here!

....And here! Either way I look, it looks like I'd rather stay than go! So, maybe we head back tomorrow morning!?

Have a good one,


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