Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ever had a Fling?!

So, what kind of "fling" did you think I meant?.... You know I'm all about the candy!!

I made a bunch of these little thank you's last night, and they were pretty quick. I just did a quick measure of about how wide and thick the candy was and then created a little slip-in type box to fit them. The card stock base was 4 1/4" square, and then I scored it 1", 1 1/2", 2 3/4", and 3 1/4"; and then 1/2" up form the bottom. You can create a little box like this for just about anything - just adjust the size till you like it, and it fits.

I used the thank you from the Holiday Blitz set - Love it!, it has a little bit of everything!

And, on to the important part... the Fling! You can get them at Target and they are yummy. They are kinda like a Twix, but they have a soft chocolately inside instead of the caramel, and with that crispy little cookie. And only 80 calories, so you can eat at least 3 times as many ;)

Have a great day,


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Crystal said...

Such a cute little gift! I've never heard of this candy before, but it sure looks/sounds good! :)