Sunday, January 7, 2018

Creation Station Blog Hop - Color My World!

Welcome to Creation Station' Blog Hop for January! Happy New Year!! This month we are Coloring Our World!! And my take on that was to break out the Brusho Colors - they were on the top of my wish list from the New Occasions Catalog! - I couldn't wait to try them out!

I played with them for a while - and watched a few You Tube videos on other people using them. And then I came up with these samples to show off each color of Brusho all on their own! 

And here is a closer look at each one, separately~ Yellow

Gamboge ~

Brilliant Red ~

Prussian Blue ~

Moss Green ~

Here's a quick how-to of how I made each one! First, I spritzed water on one side of a Shimmery White Cardstock piece.

After flipping the piece over, I used the Aquapainter to make a 'water-only' randomly-shaped rectangle. This gave a smooth base area for the next step of adding just a little bit of color...

Then I tapped a tiny bit of (Prussian Blue) onto a dry Clear Block. I used the Aquapainter to pool up a small palette of lighter blue to color with. I spread the color over the same area that I previously covered with water only. The 'water-only' layer really helped to make the color move around!

Last, I dropped a few water drops directly from the Aquapainter tip in random spots within the rectangle area. Then I tapped the Brusho lightly on top. And from there - let it do it's thing - Super Cool!! 

I did use a few 'objects' to hold down the corners while it dried. But just a little tip - be careful not to let your 'objects' touch the ink or it may pool around the edge of the object (ooops!). 

They all came out really though - and can't wait to try some other fun things with them!!

Hope you enjoyed your stop here, and I can't wait to see what Kerstin Kreuzer has created - click on the link below to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by,

Julie B


Sara Nell Langland said...

Your coloring technique with the Brusho is really nice--I will have to try it. Loved that you used one color per card to show them off.

Kerstin said...

a very colourful contribution and a like the use of Brusho! Kind reagards, Kerstin

kkstamper said...
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kkstamper said...

Wow, Julie! Your Brusho cards are stunning! Thanks for the tutorial, too. That's very helpful! xoKathyxo

Stampin with Liz Design said...

I haven't even used the Brusho yet, but I guess I must start very soon, your cards look like so much fun!

Dena Rekow said...

Such a great tutorial, Julie! So easy and fun creating those backgrounds! Can't wait to try them myself! Thanks for sharing!!

Sara Levin said...

Love your Brusho backgrounds! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.

Mikaela Titheridge, The Crafty oINK Pen said...

You know, I really wasn't sure about Brusho, but this is every reason why they need to be in our shopping carts ... Great projects x

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