Sunday, June 3, 2012

One Crazy Anniversary!

It was my husband and my anniversary about a week ago, and it was a crazy day!  It was the Saturday before we had my daughter's college graduation party, and we were busy getting things all planned and ready for her celebration.  So neither of us were really thinking about our anniversary.  So on Saturday morning, my daughter was the first to tell me happy anniversary - and I did an "Oh ya!!"  So I quickly made this card for my hubby before he got home from his work out at the gym!

I found the card idea on Stampin' Connection - and I really like the quick layout!  The three punched hearts were so easy, and just kept the colors simple with red, white and black!

So when I gave it to him, he did an "Oh sh... it's our anniversary!?"  I wasn't mad though, we were both so busy with the grad party!  Plus, as you read this, we're on vacation in Italy so it's all good now!  And honestly, my hubby is the best on remembering birthdays and holidays, and a great gift-giver!!  So no bad feelings here!!

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Julie B

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Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!