Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

I hope it does turn out to be a nice day for a white wedding (cause it's pretty cold out right now!). And, sorry Liz, I know that after you read the title of the post you're now going to be singing like Billy Idol! :)

I haven't been to many weddings lately, but I was waiting to make this card. I saw this version made by Sabriena Satchwell, and I knew that the next wedding I went to, they'd be getting this card!

It's a pattern made by Lynn Pratt originally. And typically, I would not trace and cut out a pattern!! Just not my thing, but I loved this card - and thought it was worth it. Also, I only had to make one!! I couldn't imagine tracing and cutting out a lot of them! So, the dress is embossed with the Elegant Lines Embossing Folder, and other than that it's tracing and cutting!

And, it's a tri-fold card! I did break out my Level 3 Hostess set for the words inside, and I think the swirlys are from the Priceless set!

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KMurray said...

Great wedding card!

Cindy said...

Your cards are SO PRETTY! Love this wedding card. Must figure out how to do it!! #271 following from Stampin Connection.

Jolyn said...

Can you tell me where to find the template for this? It is too cute! Thank you!?,

honeydo19 said...

Could you tell me where I can get this cute template? What website did you get this from?

Unknown said...

If I order this for my wedding I want it to be transitional like we Mr and Mrs so so invite you to our daughters wedding with the option to put venue time and place time etc. And to put return soon as possible can that insert be put in or can you show me others here is my email is

Unknown said...

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