Sunday, September 12, 2010

Candy Wrapper and a Video!

These little thank you boxes were made with the new Candy Wrapper die for the Big Shot - and I'm lovin' them!

I even finally made my first video to show you how they are made! I will admit it's very amateur - no Emmys or anything! - but it was kinda fun (and don't look too close at the few glimpses of me - it was supposed to be a test video, but I decided to share. Next time I might actually fix my hair - in case I make it on camera again!).

Thanks for stopping by,



Agustina said...

YeY!!!!!! Finally a video!!! And I hope many more to come. You did awesome Julie!!! I have read many blogs and several people don't want to do videos yet on the candy wrapper because it it a lil difficult; however, you made it look easy! Thanks for doing the video for us! Again, you did AWESOME!!!!

Melinda Hutchison said...

Your video was great : ) thanks for shearing! My Candy Wrapper Die arrives on Monday and I can't wait!

Happy Crafting : ),

knag said...

Great job with your first video, Julie!